How to Order

The easier way to make order with 8 steps only!!

Step 1
Choose the item that you would like to order with us.

Step 2 

Read and understanding to our Term Condition of cloth order and shoe order .

Step 3
Fill up the Order Form that under the page of cloth order and shoe order

Step 4
We will received your order and send back the Confirmation Order mail to your email address that show in the form.

Step 5
* After that, you need to check in your mail box for the Confirmation Order mail.
* You need to check of the list from your order and reply us "Confirm" as you are confirm the order list.
* You may check clearly of the order list, if any mistake that I make, please let me know as well.
* Make sure that the size of the item is correct.

Step 6
You need to make a payment within 3 days. The bank account number will refer to cloth order and shoe order page. You need to send back the email or sms to us about the bank in detail.

Step 7
We will check for the payment and we will take order for pre-order item and for current stock item will sent out immediately with the courier that u choose.

Step 8

Please leave a message or comment to us if receiving your order.


Enjoy your shopping time at Young Palace !! ^^

Attention to the thing below :
* For Pre-Order item, we will only take order for the confirm order list and paid order list.
* For Pre-Order item, we will collect order list before 15th and 30th of a month.
* Your are not able to cancel order after the order date (15th and 30th of a month).
* The incorrect size of cloth, skirt, pant, dress and shoe, is not able to refund and return.
* Please let us know earlier of the reason for the late payment.

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