Friday, April 22, 2011

Pay by PayPal

Dear all International Shopper,
Young Palace Online Fashion Store is support payment by PayPal now!! Just follow the step below to register PayPal now, pay use by credit card is convenient to world wide online shopper.

First Step >> Register a PayPal account
>> Choose your country and select Personal account to Get Started

>> You will see the page that need you to answer / fill up all the question in the page

>> After finish to answer / fill up all the question, Press AGREE AND CREATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom of the form.

>> You will received verify email at your mailbox that your fill in the form just now.

>> Click the link from PayPal verify email.
>> Done ! Now you are able to log in to PayPal by your Email and Password.

You need to get the VERIFY code, to verify your credit card from you bank have approve you to use PayPal for online banking by credit card

 Fill up the form below and double check of all the detail. Click Continue

Normally the code will send to you my AirMail / Phone Call from your bank within 3 days.

But if you still Haven't get any mail / Phone Call from your bank, Please call to your bank credit card center to get the verify code from them

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